Top 5 Best Playhouse Bunk Beds

Looking to purchase a bunk bed for your children to help save space? Hesitant how your children will respond to having to share their space? Playhouse Bunk Beds add a whole new level of excitement to a traditional bunk bed. There are many different types of Playhouse Bunk Beds available; including those with slides, tents, curtains, and other fun additions! 

Explore the many Playhouse Bunk Beds available to see what catches your kids eyes! These top 5 Playhouse Bunk Beds are fun and exciting:

1. Bellemavema Playhouse Bunk Bed Twin over Twin

This affordable twin over twin playhouse bunk bed not only fits your budget, but adds some pep to a standard bunk bed! The stylish appearance features a wooden house above the top bunk, with a roof and cut out windows. The playhouse theme allows for endless play and imagination options, sparking creativity and fun at the same time. The neutral theme can assimilate effortlessly into any style room without the need for retheming. 

Features of the Bellemavema Playhouse Bunk Bed:

  • Neutral cottage theming
  • 3-step ladder
  • Natural pinewood frame
  • Low bottom bunk for younger children
  • Fun and exciting slide

This playhouse bunk bed meets two needs for parents: not only does it provide a space saving solution to comfortably sleep two children, it also serves as a playhouse! For families with younger children, the low profile bottom bunk is ideal for the safety of little children. No special types of mattress are required for this bunk bed either!

2. KLMM Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Slide - Antique Gray

The KLMM Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Slide provides a rustic, farmhouse style bunk bed with an L shape design. The top bunk features a twin sized bed underneath a fun house shape. This unique bed creates a fun and playful feel for your kids’ space, while maximizing floor space. On the bottom bunk a low profile full size bed is perfect for kids needing a little extra sleeping space. The Antique Gray finish of this playhouse bunk bed, combined with a fun slide and house theme, makes this bed a big-seller.

Features of the KLMM Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Slide:

  • Custom positioning allows the bottom bunk to be on either left or right side, depending on your preference
  • Solid pine wood
  • 175 weight capacity on the top bunk, 400 lbs on the bottom bunk
  • Included upper and lower bunk slats to support mattress
  • Built in 3-Step ladder

Your children will have a great time playing in this bunk bed playhouse that serves as a fully functional bunk bed. The child on the top bunk can choose to use the 3-step ladder to get down or simply slide down the included slide! This playhouse bunk bed is also on the top 5 playhouse bunk beds due to its excellent value. This bunk bed playhouse features a twin over full combination, allowing for even more sleeping space for your children.

3. Donco Twin over Twin Sweetheart Playhouse Bunk Bed

The DONCO Twin over Twin Sweetheart Bunk Bed is every little girls’ dream. The pink and white design is like a real-life Barbie dollhouse! This playhouse bunk bed features a playhouse design with an overarching roof, windows and shutters. Your kids won’t have a fight about who gets the bottom or lower bunk because both are super fun! The bottom bunk has an enclosed curtain with a windowed design to add a new element to playtime. The top bunk has access to a 3-step ladder constructed with solid pine wood.

Features of the DONCO Twin over Twin Sweetheart Playhouse Bunk Bed:

  • Twin over twin configuration to save space
  • Rustic white and pink dollhouse design
  • Curtains and windows to encourage playtime
  • Moveable ladder to either side of the bed
  • Easy to assemble 

It can be a difficult task to tell your children they’ll need to share a space with a bunk bed. The DONCO Twin over Twin Sweetheart Playhouse Bunk Bed makes that task much easier! Your kids will feel like they have their very own dollhouse while sleeping in this bunk bed playhouse. Even better, this open-roof, open-window design is conducive to imaginative play. Imaginative play is an essential part of your children’s development and bonding as siblings.

4. Merax House Shaped Bunk Bed

Similar to the playhouse bunk bed mentioned above in list number 3, the Merax House Shaped Bunk Bed features a playful house design. The neutral theming of this playhouse bunk bed will look fantastic in any style or color room. The Merax bunk bed playhouse is offered in five neutral wood finishes, including: white, antique white, antique grey, grey, or light grey. The Merax House Bunk Bed is available in a twin over twin configuration, twin over full, or twin over full with a slide.

This bunk bed features a slanted roof, cut out windows, and low profile bottom bunk to ensure safety. Not only does this bunk bed playhouse save you space with the stacked design, it creates an exciting atmosphere to spark your kids’ imagination. This playhouse bunk bed is also designed with safety in mind thanks to the supportive plywood slats.

Features of the Merax Bunk Bed Playhouse:

  • Five natural wood grain finishes
  • Doubles as a bed and a playhouse
  • 3-step ladder for easy access to bottom bunk
  • Guardrails on the upper bunk for safety

The Merax Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Roof sets itself apart from other playhouse bunk beds as it has a number of styles and configurations to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a standard stacked twin over twin playhouse bunk bed, or an L-shaped twin over full design, you’ll have lots of options to choose from when purchasing this bunk bed playhouse. If a slide is a must-have, this bunk bed playhouse with slide will have your kids jumping up and down!

5. Donco Deer Blind Bunk Bed Twin over Twin

DONCO Kids offers high-quality bunk bed options at affordable prices. This playhouse bunk bed features a fun tented house design and side curtains, to provide an enclosed sleeping area. Sleeping in this bed will make your children feel like they’re in a tent every night! This twin over twin playhouse bunk bed is offered in three color schemes, including a neutral light grey, light grey with a pink tent, or light grey with a blue tent. Whether you have two girls, two boys, or one of each, DONCO provides many fun themes with the Deer Blind Playhouse Bunk Bed.

Features of DONCO Deer Blind Bunk Bed:

  • Fits standard twin size mattress
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • 3-step ladder 
  • Tents, curtains, and windows to spark imagination

Customers rave about this affordable piece of furniture which doubles as both a playhouse and a bunk bed. This bed is super easy for any adult to put together, with tools and hardware necessary for assembly included. You won’t have to worry about your children’s safety, as DONCO has ensured this playhouse bunk bed exceeds safety standards for bunk beds.

Final Thoughts

Why purchase a standard bunk bed when so many affordable playhouse bunk beds are available?  A bunk bed playhouse can give your kids an exciting relationship with their bunk bed, sparking a world of imagination and creativity. Your children will love sleeping and playing in their new bunk bed! Options for playhouse bunk beds are vast, including slides, curtains, tents, and other fun themes.

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