Futon Bunk Beds

Another popular bunk bed option are futon bunk beds. They allow you to utilize the vertical space in your room without compromising any additional floor space. By elevating your bed, space is free underneath the bed for a futon. Futons are great for using the bottom area as seating for watching TV, reading, or working. If needed, you can utilize the bottom bunk for guests to sleep over too.

They are a great way to save space in small rooms, kids rooms, or guest bedrooms. Many college students also enjoy futon bunk beds as they function as both a bed and a couch, perfect for tight dorm rooms. Many shoppers enjoy the flexibility of using the bottom bunk for either sitting or sleeping. There are many futon bunk beds available, of varying sizes and styles. One popular option is Donco’s C-Shaped Futon Bunk Bed featuring a durable metal frame. This futon bunk bed has a twin sized bed on top and a full-size bed on the bottom.

Most feature metal frames, which can be quite durable over time. Even better, they are extremely affordable.

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