Twin over Full Bunk Beds

Twin over full beds are a modern innovation inspired by the traditional standard twin over twin bunk beds. In rooms with more floor space that can accommodate a full bed, this option is great for a variety of different needs. If you have two children sharing a room, this will provide the older or larger child more space to sleep on the bottom full bunk. The younger child has a twin bed on the top bunk.

Benefits of a Twin over Full Bunk Bed

Even for single children, the option to have a twin bed above the full bed can come in handy for sleepovers or guests. Many children simply enjoy getting a bunk bed because they enjoy the enclosed space. The other great thing about a twin over full bed is that these beds withstand high amounts of weights. This means, if needed, an adult can also sleep on either the top or bottom. This is great if your children are young and want you to sleep alongside them occasionally.

For shoppers concerned about their kids outgrowing a twin sized bed quickly, a twin over full bunk bed provides options to grow into. This is a smart investment if your room can comfortably accommodate a full-sized bed. As your children age, they will be grateful for the additional space on the bottom bunk. Many twin over full bunk bed designs have trundle bed or storage drawer options too, helping you really save even more space!

Types of Twin over Full Bunk Beds

There are two main configurations which you can choose from when purchasing a twin over full bed. First includes overlapping beds, which is the standard bunk bed you may have grown up with. This is great for rooms with very limited space. Another option is two beds arranged parallel to each other, or L shaped. These bunk bed options are nice if your room can accommodate it, because they provide extra cubbies, drawers, and storage space.

Some twin over full bunk beds also come with a modular design. This means that you can break the bed down into several components, giving you the flexibility to create two separate beds. This is a great option if you anticipate moving into a bigger home with more rooms in the future. No matter which type of twin over full bed you’re looking for, there are several top manufacturers to choose from.

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