Max & Lily Bunk Beds

Max & Lily Bunk Beds has created children’s furniture with fun and functional designs for over 16 years. Their product line up features several different sizes and styles of bunk beds, loft beds, and convertible bunk beds. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, Max & Lily creates high quality furniture for kids with safety as an utmost priority. Using sustainable materials and unique designs, their bunk beds make the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom.

What makes Max & Lily Bunk Beds Special?

Max & Lily creates durable, long lasting solid wood furniture which works in any space in your home. Their bunk beds feature sustainability sourced wood which they source from environmentally conscious suppliers. When you purchase a Max & Lily bunk bed, you’ll be purchasing a solid piece of furniture which is both good for the planet and made to last for years and years.

Over the past 16 years, Max & Lily has perfected their furniture making process in all aspects. To reduce the environmental footprint, they’ve streamlined their packaging and shipping process to make the process simple for their customers and the environment alike. They are a great pick to help your kids love their room and make the most use of tight spaces.

What Bunk Beds does Max & Lily offer?

Whether you’re looking for twin, full, or queen sized bunk beds, Max & Lily has extensive offerings in all bunk bed sizes. Unlike other bunk bed manufacturers, they have designed their bunk bed collections with fun features children can enjoy like curtains and slides. These little touches make their bunk beds a great buy for both parents and children. The enclosed curtain offerings add an extra element of fun to these bunk beds.

Max & Lily also offers convertible bunk beds which give you the option to separate into two individual beds. Convertible bunk beds are a smart investment if you anticipate moving homes or having different bedding needs for your children in the near future. For parents extra concerned about bunk bed safety, Max & Lily offers low bunk beds, a feature not offered by many bunk bed manufacturers. Low bunk beds have a bottom bed which sits only two inches off the ground, making it the perfect option for smaller and younger children.

Looking to maximize your space as much as possible for a small room? They also offers bunk beds with trundle beds included, to add a third sleeping arrangement. This is perfect for sleepovers. Trundle beds pull out easily from the bottom of the bunk bed, so you’ll always have enough space for your kids to have friends over.

You can’t go wrong with one of Max & Lily’s unique and high-quality bunk bed offerings. Backed with their Maxwood Furniture warranty, you can feel confident that workmanship and manufacturing defects will be covered.

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