Adult Bunk Beds

That’s right; bunk beds can be adults too! While you may have traditionally thought of bunk beds as a space-saving solution for kids, bunk beds can be a great arrangement for adults too. Bunk beds can be a practical way to save floor space in tight condos, apartments, or townhomes.

Bunk beds can be both safe and fun for adults. However, when shopping for bunk beds for adults, there are some additional considerations to consider when shopping.

Adult Bunk Bed Weight Capacities

One important thing to keep in mind for bunk beds for adults is the total weight capacity. Naturally, adults weigh more than children, so it is important that the adult bunk beds are safe and strong enough to support the weight of two adults. Before purchasing an adult bunk bed, always check the correct weight limitations as provided by the manufacturer. Most bunk beds designed for adults are built to hold up to 400 pounds on the top bunk.

Size Considerations

Bunk beds for adults are available in twin over twin, twin over full, or full over full sizes. We recommend aiming for a twin over full or full over full, as long as your room size is large enough to accommodate it. Full beds provide more sleeping room than a twin, allowing for a more comfortable and spacious night’s sleep.

When purchasing mattresses for a bunk bed, you may also consider choosing an inner-spring mattress instead of a heavy, memory foam mattress. This will ensure you don’t exceed the weight capacity of the bunk bed. If you are within the weight limit stated by the manufacturer, bunk beds are quite safe for adults.

For those purchasing bunk beds for their children, adults can feel confident sleeping on the other bunk. We recommend always having the child on the top bunk in these instances. For adults, never sleep more than one adult on the top bunk bed to avoid collapse or safety concerns.

Top Adult Bunk Bed Entry Considerations

Most bunk bed options come with either a standard ladder or a staircase to reach the top bunk of the bed. When purchasing bunk beds for adults, staircase bunk beds are likely easier and safer to use. Children quickly climb ladders due to their agility and size, where adults may have more hesitancy using ladder bunk beds. If you are purchasing for a less mobile adult, we highly recommend a bunk bed with a staircase.

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