Twin over Twin Bunk Beds

Twin over twin bunk beds are the most traditional size offered in bunk beds. For those short on space, this is the perfect space-saving solution to sleep two children in one room. Unlike larger options such as full-size bunk beds, this option is the best for smaller rooms. Another great thing about these types of beds is that many come with room underneath to slide storage drawers or items under. With all your freed up space, you won’t have to worry about your children sharing a room.

Who are Twin over Twin Bunk Beds Best for?

For smaller or younger children who do not need a full-size bed, this option is also the smartest cost-option. Many twin sized bunk beds easily disassemble, should you ever move and want to have two individual twin-size beds. Many younger kids find bunk beds to be way cooler anyway!

Types of Twin Bunk Beds

Within the bunk bed market, there are both traditional ladder beds and stairway twin over twin bunk beds. Which option you choose depends on the size of your space and your child’s specific safety needs. Many top bunk bed manufacturers provide several styles and colors to choose from in twin over twin bunk beds.

Some styles even have a third trundle bed, which pulls out from underneath the bottom of the bottom bunk, providing additional sleeping space. This option is great if you have or anticipate having a third child, or perhaps your kids want to have frequent sleepovers. Their friends will think they are super cool when they pull out their extra trundle bed!

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