Stairway Bunk Beds

When it comes time to purchase beds for your children, many parents make the wise decision to consider bunk beds to save space and money! With a variety of different types of bunk beds on the market, it can be difficult to ensure you’re making the best and safest choice for your children. Which type of bunk bed you choose to purchase depends mostly on your top concerns.

Staircase Bunk Bed vs Traditional Ladder Bunk Bed

Traditional bunk beds have a ladder which allows the top-user to quickly climb up or down from the top bunk. While straight ladder bunk beds can be a great space saving solution, sometimes parents worry about the safety conditions surrounding this type of bunk bed. Though many of these ladder beds can still be quite safe, some parents seek additional safety, especially for smaller children. Smaller children or children with smaller legs may feel safer on stairway bunk beds.

Stairway Bunk Bed Safety

If you are concerned about safety as a priority, a stairway or staircase bunk bed may be the best option to consider when purchasing a bunk bed. Unlike traditional bunk beds with a ladder, stairway bunk beds are perfect for safety and durability. Stairway bunk beds have the largest surface to step on, and often have built-in handrails. For younger children or parents who are concerned about falls in the dark, a stairway bunk bed can provide peace of mind and allow you to sleep peacefully knowing your kids are on a sturdy and safe bunk bed.

Stairway bunk beds come with an actual staircase on the end of the bed. Unlike a ladder, which has open space between each step, a stairway provides a solid construction without gaps. Eliminating these gaps means eliminating the chance of your child slipping through or falling through each rung of a ladder bunk bed. For many parents, stairway bunk beds help ease these concerns. Another advantage of stairway bunk beds is that they are generally more comfortable to climb up and down.  They provide a larger stepping surface than ladder bunk beds.

Many bunk bed manufacturers offer both ladder and stairway bunk bed options. This allows you to purchase whichever type better suits you and your family’s needs. Many top brands including Atlantic Furniture and  Discovery World all offer several quality stairway bunk bed options to choose from.

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