Best 6 Triple Bunk Beds

Standard bunk beds are great space-savers, but they might not always work for larger families. Today, triple bunk beds are offered in many styles and configurations to help accommodate tight spaces. Many triple bunk beds offer twin or full beds (or combinations) which give you the flexibility to work within any space in your home. 

Check out the top 6 triple bunk bed options on the market today. As experts in all things bunk beds, we’ve carefully selected these models based on their price, design, construction, and customer reviews. In addition, there are many benefits to purchasing triple bunk beds for kids, which this article will also explore.

1. Movdevy Triple Bunk Bed

The Modvey Triple Bunk Bed is a go-to choice for triple bunk beds with a full-size bottom. This three-layer configuration is a great space saver, featuring two standard full-size beds and a twin size in the middle. The heavy-duty metal construction of this bed is made to last and can accommodate the weight of three people at once. To help enhance safety, this bed features a safety guard rail surrounding each bed.

The sturdy ladder helps provide access to the second and third layers of this bed. The Movdevy triple bunk bed can be used with any standard mattress.

2. Tensun Triple Bunk Bed

The Tensun Triple Bunk Bed offers a unique configuration, perfect for taking advantage of vertical space. Each bottom bunk can hold up to 350 pounds, while the top bunk bed can hold up to 250 pounds. The steel configuration of this bunk bed can accommodate teens, adults, or children, making it a great option for multi-children families.

Another great thing about the Tensun Triple Bunk Bed is that no box springs are required. If you’re looking for a unique bunk bed design, the Tensun is worth looking into it.

3. Ninowokc Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed

Unlike the options for triple bunk beds in #1 and #2, Ninowokc’s Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed features a warm wood construction. If the metal look is not appealing, you’ll like the three finishes of wood available in this bunk bed (Espresso, Grey, and White). This three-layer wood triple bunk bed offers a convertible design, with short or long ladders or a slide available.

4. GAOWEI Triple Bunk Bed, Twin

The GAOWEI Triple Twin Bunk Bed is another great space-saver with stellar reviews. We like this option as one of the best triple bunk beds for kids for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, this bed’s configuration allows it to comfortably sleep three children, while also providing storage space. In between the two bottom twin-sized beds, you’ll find several storage drawers, ideal for storing your kid’s belongings.

We also like this bed because of its solid pine wood construction. Unlike many triple bunk beds with metal frames, this bed provides a warmer feel with wood. While metal bunk beds are known for better durability, this bed is still secure with heavy-duty screws. Each bed can accommodate sleepers up to 400 pounds, due to the underlying slat system which helps support the weight. 

All in all, the GAOWEI Triple Bunk Bed is worth consideration for any type of family. This bed is reliable and affordable. We think this bed is a great investment that should last many years. Reviewers of this bed have noted that setup is straightforward and simple.

5. Merax Triple Bunk Bed

Made from heavy-duty steel, the Merax Triple Bunk Bed features a full XL, twin XL, and queen bed all in one triple bunk bed. This is a great option for families who need to sleep both adults and children in one spot. The clean-line design of this fashionable bunk bed will never go out of style. We like the Merax Triple Bunk Bed comes with a detailed assembly instruction guide, making it easy for most average customers to put together. This triple bunk bed is available in white or black.

6. Triple Tree L-Shaped Bunk Bed

Need an L-shaped bunk bed that is affordable yet sturdy? Look to the Triple Tree L-Shaped Bunk Bed that can help you save both money and space. Ideal for kids’ bedrooms, cottages, apartments, or small homes, you cannot go wrong with this triple bunk bed. For parents concerned about bunk bed safety, this bed provides assurance with the ultra-high full-length guardrails to prevent accidental falls.

Benefits of a Triple Bunk Bed

Triple-bunk beds are a great option for larger families with limited space. These space-saving beds allow your kids to share a room comfortably without giving up additional floor space. Not only do many parents choose triple bunk beds for space-saving, but it also helps children bond together. If your children enjoy spending time together and bonding, triple bunk beds are a way to make socializing even more fun.

Three-layer bunk beds are also great for sleepovers with friends, eliminating the need to have anyone sleep on the floor. Many triple bunk beds also come with additional storage drawers, helping you to maximize every bit of much-needed space in your child’s room.

Got more little ones on the way? Think of a triple bunk bed as a smart investment that can grow with your family. Even if you only have two children, it’s great to have space to sleep a third person for sleepovers and parties.

L-Shaped Vs. Three-Layer Bunk Beds

Triple bunk beds come in two main configurations to choose from L-shaped or three-layer bunk beds. An L-Shaped triple bunk bed features three beds in an L-configuration, while three-layer bunk beds are stacked in a vertical configuration. Which should you choose? The answer comes down to how much space you have in the room. L-shaped triple bunk beds take up more floor space, while height is needed for three-layer bunk beds.

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